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HoistPoint's Leadership Lounge
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About Us

HoistPoint's Conscious Leadership Leadership Lounge is an online community for conscious leaders, or ethical, inspired, service-based leaders, to learn, connect, and collaborate.

HoistPoint's leadership courses, coaching, and community fill the gaps in education to nurture the whole child--mind, body, and soul, and teach essential topics which are typically not taught in school but are needed to succeed in living a balanced and purposeful life. For Ages 7 and up. 

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Why You Should Join Us:

HoistPoint offers world-class, innovative, educational programs and life coaching to learners around the world in order to propel leaders to their personal legends, or callings. HoistPoint promotes a leadership philosophy called, #ConsciousLeadership, or ethical, inspired, service-based leadership, in order to help each leader reach their fullest potential and serve humanity in the process.

HoistPoint's Conscious Leadership Lounge is designed to cultivate a sense of community among those who wish to fulfill their personal legends by helping the world in their own unique ways. The Leadership Lounge offers online, group coaching, seminars and workshops, Socratic discussions, inspirational "fireside" chats, and a place to collaborate with others working on impact projects or businesses.

HoistPoint has schedules to accommodate all learners, and is an excellent supplement to those in traditional schooling, homeschooling, learning pods, microschools, hybrid schools, virtual schools, universities, apprenticeships, or even those already in the workforce. HoistPoint's programs and coaching are ideal for those ages 7 and above--lifelong learning is a part of every conscious journey.

As the education landscape evolves, HoistPoint is helping lead the way in the #EducationRenaissance by promoting #ConsciousEducation innovation. 

Conscious education nurtures the whole child. Traditional schools are often under-staffed, especially regarding guidance counselors and mentors. The future of education requires that we not only incorporate best practices from leaders in educational attainment and teach what many people should learn in school but unfortunately do not, but provide additional support to nurture the success of every child. This is why HoistPoint has integrated individual and group coaching, and a community to connect with other leaders, into its impact model. From introducing financial literacy to helping develop holistic mental health habits to wizarding goal-planning, HoistPoint provides positive, supplemental resources and support to nurture the holistic development of each learner.

As part of HoistPoint's commitment to increasing access to quality education, 2% of profits are provided to children's charities, microgrants, scholarships, and special prizes. 

Join the #EducationRenaissance today!

For questions, please email: [email protected]

A Big Thanks

Thank you for joining this journey as we innovate education from the inside out. Whether you're joining us from traditional schooling, homeschooling, or you're out of school and looking for direction, HoistPoint can help catalyze and propel the greatness inside each leader! Thank you for being open-minded to envision a better world through conscious education!

A special thanks to educators all around the world for their hard work and dedication to students. Educators and Life Coaches looking for opportunities with HoistPoint can email [email protected].